Twitter May Be Planning to Launch a Twitter Coin, Things Looking Bad for Dogecoin

It was back in 2021 when Elon Musk proposed an idea to the (then) CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, to adopt Dogecoin (DOGE). He proposed that Twitter should be changed to a payment platform.

Elon Musk was very serious when he proposed the idea and asked Dorsey to integrate DOGE as a native token. Just as Musk presented the idea, the price of DOGE surge as the investors rallied in the meme coin’s favor.

However, the plan never came to fruition as Jack Dorsey left Twitter. Then Elon Musk proposed why not he buy Twitter and then integrate DOGE to it.

Once again, DOGE became the top crypto trading choice because people felt that Musk would buy Twitter. Although none of that happened in 2021, Musk did bring his plans to life in 2022.

Time to Fulfill his Promise

Elon Musk ended up buying Twitter for a whopping $44 billion+ deal and since then, he has teased integrating DOGE to the platform.

He has even confirmed that the orientation of Twitter will be changed to an “everything app”, as he wanted the US to have an application like WeChat from China.

Musk even shared some of the screenshots that showed the new functions of Twitter 2.0 and gave a peek to its interface.

Twitter May Launch its Own Native Token

However, many users have noticed that one of the picture that has a payment section, shows an unusual coin that has Twitter’s logo on it. This is quite concerning for the users, especially the DOGE community.

Many feel that Elon Musk may not proceed with adding DOGE as the native or any kind of token on the new Twitter platform.

Instead, he is going to launch a native token for Twitter. Some users and tech experts have claimed that they have collected all possible information about it and can confirm Twitter is working on its own token.

If that is the case, then every cryptocurrency broker must ensure that they alert their investors about the possible plunge in DOGE’s price.

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