Investment Strategies For Senior Citizens

Are you looking for investment schemes for senior citizens? It has always been good to invest your money for safe and lucrative returns. But as you grow older you may not be able to take out loans as frequently. Investment schemes for senior citizens are an option for you if you want to earn your bread and butter at least till you reach the retirement stage.

Retirement Plans Schemes This is a type of investment schemes for senior citizens where you get to choose from a variety of plans like, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and so on. After a certain period, your investments would mature and you will receive a pension. The amount of your pension depends on various factors such as your earnings, the amount of pension coverage you receive, your age and the duration of your life and the rate of inflation. The maturity of the pension schemes varies from five years to ten years and there is also an option of paying into the scheme and getting the pension from the scheme’s maturity.

Long Term Care Schemes This is another type of investment schemes for senior citizens, which helps you in building up a portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and so on. You need to borrow money from outside and invest it according to a fixed schedule and you get to enjoy high returns after a specified period. But remember that the returns will be slower during the first few years when you need the money most. The best time to invest is during the later years because you will get high returns after the stocks begin to appreciate.

Retirement Income Schemes This is another form of investment schemes for senior citizens, which allows them to save for retirement. They can choose to withdraw regular income through tax-free withdrawals or take a loan from banks and invest it in certain fixed deposits. The interest rates are usually low and the returns are high if you take a long term loan from a bank. You need to consider the present value of your savings and plan accordingly.

Profit Outcomes There are a wide range of investment plans available for citizens of India. You can select a plan according to your individual circumstances like saving for a house, education of your kids, investment schemes for retiring, etc. One advantage of investments in India is that you don’t have to do your own research because there are lots of financial planners who will guide you properly about how to go about investing your money. You can also save your money by taking a part time job or pursuing an online business.

Liquidity One of the most important aspects about the various investment options for premature withdrawal is their liquidity factor. A good example is mutual funds. These funds have a fixed rate of interest and you can wait for a better time to withdrawal your money. Moreover, these schemes give better returns compared with other plans like CDs or savings accounts.

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