MarketSpots – An Exchange Known for Providing Top-Notch Trading Services

With time, the online trading industry has gained many online trading assets and products. Today, the online trading industry has several online trading assets one can gain profits from. Unfortunately, most of the online trading exchanges do not all trading assets but a single one. However, MarketSpots has taken the liberty of offering majority of the online trading assets that currently have high demand and are very profiting. In this MarketSpots review, I will be sharing the services and benefits the investors can gain when trading through the particular exchange.

Teams at MarketSpots

The teams at MarktSpots are veterans in fields of trading/investing, engineering, and market analysis. Although their base is from different industries, but they have dedicated their experience to online trades. They are focused on providing investors with enough knowledge, information, guidance, and insights that they can grow in the online trading markets. MarketSpots offers users with some of the major trading assets such as stocks, cryptocurrencies and forex. These are currently the most essential trading assets in the online trading markets and MarketSpots has a team dedicated for each trading asset.

Trading Platform Offered by MarketSpots

The trading platform offered by MarketSpots is exclusive for the investors trading through the exchange. It has been developed solely for the convenience of the investors while trading and lets them utilize all the latest, and top notch trading features/tools. The trading platform offered by MarketSpots is vast, user-friendly, customizable, and offers enormous number of features.

If an investor trades through MarketSpots, they gain access to major assets plus thousands of sub-assets. In terms of cryptocurrencies, the investors get to trade in more than 800 cryptocurrencies.

In terms of general tools and features, the platform offers trading alerts, trading signals, market review, price alerts, leverage trading, reporting system, historical reports, charts/graphs, and so much more.

Trading Accounts Offered by MarketSpots

While of the online trading exchanges provide investors with a single trading account, MarketSpots provides users with five different trading accounts. These accounts sum up the entire online trading industry in terms of experience, insights, and knowledge gathered by investors throughout their trading tenure. At present, MarketSpots offers accounts such as Standard, Silver, Gold, VIP, and Pro, each surpassing the previous one in terms of experience and minimum investments.

Major Services Offered by MarketSpots

No matter the trading account an investor acquires after making a deposit, MarketSpots ensures they have ample amount of services to guide them throughout their trading activities. Some of the major and general services investors currently have access to include leverage trading, margin trading, trading academy, weekly market review, and daily market signals. Additional services include access to trading webinars, support from personal account manager, wealth manager, and discounts on commission.

Deposits and Withdrawals at MarketSpots

At MarketSpots, the minimum deposit investors are required to make is $10,000. The investors have the freedom of doing it in the form of Euros as well as GBP. The common deposit methods the investors can use include Visa Card, MasterCard, and Bank Wire. On the other hand, the investors can also use methods such as USDT, Bitcoin, and Ethereum wallets to make deposits.

The investors can use the same methods for withdrawals they use for making deposits. The minimum withdrawal you can request for bank wire is $100 and for the rest, it is $50. When a withdrawal is requested, it takes 3-4 business days for MarketSpots to process the withdrawal request.

KYC and AML Policy Compliance

MarketSpots is dedicated to providing its investors with a safe and secure trading environment where assets and savings of each investor are never at a risk. This is the reason why MarketSpots adheres to regulatory policies with full compliance. This is to ensure that it never breaches any of the policies or guidelines provided under the KYC and AML guidelines.

Customer Support Offered by MarketSpots

At present, MarketSpots provides investors with 24-hour support from Monday to Saturday. Therefore, if the investors ever have a query or a concern, they can get in touch with MarketSpots’ professional, experienced, and user-friendly customer support via email. They are always available to provide undivided attention to the investors with full dedication and efficiency.

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