Venus Holdings Review – When the Most Important Features Are Given Attention

Have you noticed that a lot of online trading platforms now focus on things that are not that important? What I mean to say is that they keep talking about bonuses and perks, when these are only ordinary benefits. What really matters to a trader is that they should be able to start trading conveniently and grow in their career without any unnecessary hindrances. Not all online trading services providing firms are good at giving traders what they want. Read this Venus Holdings review and I am sure you will find what you have been searching for a long time.

Again, I want you to think about only the most important features. These are the features that define the foundation of your trading career. They are not perks, they are needed when you trade cryptocurrencies. Find out more in this review.

Lots of Assets and Flexibility while Trading

When you trade cryptocurrencies with Venus Holdings, you will see that the company offers you a great and impressive asset index. It consists of more than 70 different cryptocurrencies that you can trade on just one trading platform. Furthermore, you will have the flexibility on the platform that you don’t always get with other companies. Firstly, you will notice that despite cryptocurrencies being very volatile, you are still getting some good leverage on your trades. Your leverages start from 1:2 and can be as high as 1:3 on some of your trades.

This might not sound like the biggest leverages but you have to keep in mind the market that you are trading in. You can get leverages of 1:100 on other assets with other companies, but when it comes to cryptocurrencies, they usually do not offer you any leverage at all.

Robust Platform with Lots of Security Features

The web-based trading platform from the company can be used anywhere. You can use it on your desktop devices and smartphones without any problem. In addition to that, the operating system you have on your device does not matter because you will be opening this platform on your browser. You can say that it will run on all the devices and you can open it from anywhere in the world without losing your platform configurations and settings. The platform also comes with the integration of dozens of other tools that add to your trading experience and convenience.

The security features are also great on the platform. All the information you provide to the company will be encrypted instantly after you have given it out. Furthermore, the company adheres to KYC and AML policies for protecting the interests of its traders who sign up with it every day. It monitors your account activity to report any suspicious activity. Last but not least, when you sign into your trading account, you will have to go through a 2FA authentication process. This is how you know that Venus Holdings is really serious about its traders’ safety.

Banking and Customer Support

This is the last and the most important part of any online trading services providers’ services. If banking is not convenient for traders, they will not have a good time trading. In fact, they will not have peace of mind at all. Deposit your funds in your trading account using your debit or credit card. Make it even safer when you deposit through bank wire transfer. You don’t have to worry about commissions when depositing or withdrawing funds. Last but not least, you can get customer support through email and phone from professional customer support agents.

Final Thoughts

A great rule to pick the best trading platform is not to focus on what the platform is offering. Instead, focus on what you need from the platform, and that’s where I think Venus Holdings makes a huge difference. It offers you what you need and really stands out with its flexible crypto trading features suited to all modern crypto traders whether they are new or experienced.

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